Saturday, March 16, 2013

"tricyrtis hirta"

truale, quorn, dot eml, alice
in acidland, drmhllr, combine
painting, turbo inverter, post
commodity, autolingus, i thot
it hot, is in mtl, confusion
belongs to me, the cost of
hoarding, you turn against
your art, a cluster of
duchamps, my hyperinsomniac
sweetheart, enculturation,
ceque, cryptomeria, sago,
ethnocide, clusters of shanties,
sihun, krankaputt, tendai,
spiderhunter, hypogastrium,
car engines humming,
tricyrtis hirta, hanbok,
mappiness, i don’t think the
error was mine, but the
perpetuation of the error
certainly was, spit a night,
beckett beer, love candy love,
trans-ego, i am looking out
the window as i write,
carve your own woodcuts,
worldealer, spooning love,
people who think they know
what’s right, nobody’s eye,
disclose your mouth, not too
sure what to do with this
little textual fragment,

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