Tuesday, March 05, 2013


where do you find these woodcuts,
all snakes no ladders, you’ve only
got ten words to get right, my
elders are, pays prophet, how do
you mean killers, one never drinks
any water, it’s not for sale but
it can be easily had, ann
clayborne, spontaneous utopia,
the gentle anarchist, foist food,
ham in what sense, trance wad,
reddit damn, reddit code,
addnpass sex, big pharmville,
the total flow of the radio,
initializing world, drifting
racing, genderfied, she’s made
of rubber but i love her, it’s
facial, what is this illegible
one here, doctor loosen, are
you sure it’s approved,
occupation movements, pitsik,
colchicum, visible panty
lines, auto-cannibalizing
paganism, dharma initiative
beer, anonymity software,
re-anonymization, step out
of line, a boost up out of
the trench,

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