Monday, March 04, 2013


this is divine, were you drinking
coffee when you licked this,
your periods cut holes right
thru the paper, who’s this face,
your war against canadians,
route six six six, what’s pee see,
digital sovereignty, as seen on
facebook, and what about pee em,
copwatch, i can’t parse this,
beautiful cunts, hammerflower,
manufacturing yeses, plenum,
conspiring to dissent, the taint,
fish sausage, clevelend
steamer, toothpaste fetish,
dacrylagnia, ero guro, chibi,
good giving and game, all
sweden, hartley’s best, print
on onion skin, what’s wrong
with your eyes, micro-recycling,
i’m having an amie moment,
all hydra, high-energy
cryptical envelopment,
they get paid to fuck up
your life,

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