Sunday, March 31, 2013


communication should be left
to the experts, idiosincretist,
commutative, civet, donees,
ten dollars worth of blah blah
blah, you are pissing it away,
telus commun, palm exbort,
kwm, account number, mcb
cluster, retire the sun, bal du
rat mort, filestream, something
in the mirror, salmaso, jehan
froissart, what did the hole
hold, uzodinma, joe skinner,
the push and the shove, skool-
teachers gone wild, file under
meat, gaussian noise, scheme
for reducing decoherence in
quantum memory, eating his
careless, excessive compulsive
hoarder, crodiggity, throd,
facebreak, copy gaze, random
zen, opykay, gaze score, coffee
reality, any ray texts,
fractal literatur, an illness
requr, blue zed,

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