Friday, March 01, 2013


this has been thru many hands,
nothing ever comes back,
mushotoku, gisèle, one hundred
megabits, open your opening,
faces and heads, what is it you
are trying to see, tratart, il
libro, the sheer density of the
collage, ba bi be ro, this is a
performance, zombie ants ruled
by mind-controlling parasites,
toxoplasma gondii, kalookan,
custoza, coal tar soap, dattoos,
cordyceps, mad props, your
consumption of mind altering
substances, tattoonos, cbbc,
use all the bits, all gummed,
all yellow, sexual penetration
by foreign object, particular
apparatus, european concept of
human, spectacular reality,
the box populi, the current
textualism, judicial
activism, pragmatic
interpretivism, at blank,
backwards six or, the
library hitch, ego candy,

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