Monday, March 18, 2013

"chelone obliqua"

dictated but not read, blackline
version, intermittent explosive
disorder, perceptual imperialism,
hydrophonia, cyberfidelity, it
lasts a lot longer if you don’t
publish, the shape of the opening,
i forget who you refers to,
alcohol is optional, why are you
screaming, top ten paradoxes,
comptete, coming out the ear,
feeling at a distance,
actually it’s all filler,
interesting only to the author,
this beautiful hat, language
events, pennies for tribute,
the man in the green hat,
fae, laser-cut perspex, mentsh,
google bombing, unschooling,
de-schooling, edu-punk, life
learning, playa, chelone
obliqua, the desert line, from
desert to desert, between the
wolves, it protects you from
the chaos, cyber burnout,
grubby seventy-nine, i thot
we got over that, copy
appreciation society, i don’t
feel like trying to spell
it, unlimited love, bizlit,
not known for his intelligence,
metalottery, one remains,

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