Saturday, March 30, 2013


blues my mind, done with
doing, isoverbal, variable
wordcount, inmagine, it’s
actually two, canret, christie
cracker crybaby, cvc cluster,
unthanks, bentspoon arts council,
you can’t joke about things
like that, witness to the disaster,
remember those round, to all
my enemies, insanity deified,
visions of grease, cash game,
moisten here, humedezca,
kennesaw, coupon may not be
doubled, wayne butane,
giblet dupree, bardo pond,
a red circle with you in it,
minneapols, free calls,
recycle your mobile device,
you failed to spend a penny,
petite cicatrice, female
scopophilia, wetyk, the orange
paper that you got, the
perception of law, harvesting
for homes, decolonizing,
camenae, doctor zip, certain
pennies, rolfing, zhid,

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