Wednesday, March 20, 2013


i think we can safely call this a copy, let us seize some of
that space, one sees some of that space, one has one's faves,
all the all, there is a hurry up clause, this is a performance,
colour found and colour lost, who's big bald head is it, subnet,
is that a genuine look of pleasure on your face, the colour is
the thing, toner mud, genuine things like postcards and postage
stamps, you are never going to get this out of your system, zen
intimacies, grezza, found colour, jimi camero, people keep
obfuscating the good stuff, the density is lost here, always
already lost, now is not a number, lose the reminders, page
order is arbitrary, there will be no second edition, how it is
for you, all the gone beers, the jist of love, candy refers to
, trance ego, candy hands, raise your eye and what do you see,
devine, trench wood carvings, to phish is to, infoam, bitchslicer,
like two spoons in a pod, hillbilly professionals, off-centre
trance, sex with nobody, the library hitch, disclosure of the
moment, one image, level tick, toner onward, all your grudges
forgotten, it’s the big moment, people in third world countries
don't get any respect, same with second world countries, just
call it illegible and have done, you could try to delaminate it,
collogged, you could go to the source, trapart, i bet there's meat
down there, mere pretty, grren, colouring, open oprn, the host,
hiroshima mon amore, mushotoku in brilliant colour, why don't
you see this text as an original, there is a string attached to
this text, it took a while to get your strength back, one needs
to be confined, this fragment of reality, a person gets tired,
we need to know the exact day the green pen died, do you mean
this diary, keep it all hid, actually speaking for once, you
don't seem to appreciate them,

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