Saturday, March 02, 2013


egotistical problems, naked dallas,
the cambria math font, mudhead,
touch powder, wearing out
rubberstamps, white bicycles,
all allah, sorry what was i
saying, purityrannical,
liberal contractarians, a
strawberry is a, postgender,
post-gender-politics, pimp stick,
mackallennium, cocha,
cauchemar, online decoys,
checkbook journalism,
neophite, the puke test,
above the scroll, the
objectified self, the
piggly-wiggly, radio-
tags, de-anonymization,
let it flop around,
c m m y c y k o g k , we need
to work up a new syllabus,
a whole library full of
i lamp sand clusters,
candy pen,

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