Friday, March 29, 2013

"semangat kebangsaan"

imployed, i was born at eleven
oh two pm, hit fourteen hundred
on glasstext, laser pee, seedles,
cobcl cluster, uncontrollable
female libidinal desires, the
all-consuming woman, gender
panic, hypermasculine
socialization and enculturation,
pondan, badik, keris, pendekar,
silat, gelanggang silat, abang,
semangat kebangsaan, adat,
bumi, socius, not exactly haut
couture, victim of history and
circumstance, would you call
this purple or violet, the
masked claw, jollyville road,
this was not part of the
original, the back of the
mona lisa, the part you could
read thru on the original,
the land of gar, bebetition,
how do you intend to alter,
bulletin board it, remove
the excess, half a urinal,
arouse her sexually, it’s
bugging my eyes, purple,

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