Tuesday, March 12, 2013


burnout warcry, live processing,
who is mycelium, twenty-six
mushrooms, alternative networks,
not glad to be dead, rancho
cordova, this is still coming
up, petaluma, ixnay on the
ross, magic printer, the legs of
the giant, seventeen cents op art,
spoon bank, cheese run, nahash,
to iggy someone, slan shack,
yoik, avatamsaka, sine loco
anno vel nomine, bachabaze,
toothpaste fetish, you are in my
system, glue them all together,
appropriate technology, mass
liberation, ecocommunity, the
center of human experience,
narmada, highly educated
and cheap, deskilling,
ganbatte, white allies,
foolscap, wrapped around the
page, accacia, kusuma
flower, yesterday’s text
feeds today’s text, trim the
line, udc, chaos pussy,

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