Sunday, March 03, 2013


this is the view out my window,
peru, picante de papa con cuy frito,
cradle to cradle, the dajjal,
moment of zen on television,
ecosexuality, the generic name
for styrofoam, cataplexy,
duhflicted, hoppin’ out,
shack mail, ketamine, turkey
tails, sociophobia, a lovely wad
of addnpasses, what would
you do if you had twenty
grand, soap and salami,
delerium tremolo, rehabilitation
of the monsters, fuck fluxus,
ink the desk, slogan machine,
all perf, all yell, pretext
call, carceral system,
soldjas, deindividualized
people, an expanded-present
moment, maleficium,
essentially human calls,
analogical punishment,
the punitive city, stop
longhanding, one says the
darnedest things, you
could do your writing at
the fair, psychomantium,
trunkets, bun penny,

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