Friday, March 08, 2013


worldeater, jim thorpe, hell
lull, bland thrill, cruciverba
zucchero, holes within holes,
total recall sandbox, cash flux,
where the creeks cross, kosher
wreck, jerkline skinner, torii,
bath puppet, this text is
unreadable, enjoy it today,
go the extra mile to get the
good stuff, pocket friction,
fluxus loonie, am i in the
pocket, watching yourself
crumble, the date is a form
of currency, all nothing,
that cheese with the line
thru the middle, urban
ink, no interesting words
poets, literature and class,
gros seins, cerveaux de
nanas, la monte young on
lulu, a book you can erase,
inspected by author, fema,
divalproex, knowledge as it
was known,

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