Thursday, March 07, 2013


information as it was known,
sepomex, sugar skulls, brodown,
an apostrophe and a period,
sygyt, whammy penny, asocial
networking, ell seven, a bit
of wear and tear on the postage
stamps, minus the cost of the
bag, dipping under the twenty,
a couple dollars a day worth
of communication, one is
falling, information cluster,
individual system, risking
absurdity, all, five hundred
dollars worth of food, my
transportation budget for the
year, one hundred and seventy-two
transactions, morin missing,
x marks the direction,
palomina mesquite, hoople,
cacahuates, randitas,
caporal, permanent traveling,
anarchist football, freegans,
contact direction, it’s going
to result in a book, open
bracket, gingre, flarge,
unemployee, quindecagon,
a city of lines,

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