Wednesday, October 02, 2013


polyextremophile, the golden
ratio, tech no colour, moss and
candy, ego-garchy, devore,
helped create early, barcode art,
text fighting, bikini baristas,
phenakistoscope, pussy juck,
chicken house eating, canardada,
onomasticon, the street shave,
bitterns in the bog, paradiddle
taps, luv box, sillimanite,
interwonk, flexibone, sateens,
learn to unlearn, jnana yogis,
hypertube, uh-huh, l’esprit de
l’escalier, the concrete train
station, my little filters,
hurry up and, cmcc cluster,
almonds seasalt, rvt cluster,
ebbe borregaard, out in the
weather for a couple
months, mail source,
catapult love, netcheck,
signature of witness,
trance owner, synthetic
money, zero black,

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