Sunday, October 27, 2013


open her box, ininterpretability,
bio-compatible led, clusterfuck
law, now i have to grow it all
back, the best ink money can buy,
moranges, no more memes, maisy
odjick, gotta take some money to
the bank, it was all flying,
no signature no pin, flickback,
gettin’ pretty shaky, calgary
general hospital eleven oh two
pm, why the violence here, the
flight of capital, touch-
deprived gentleman, parallel
cinema, hindutva, masala,
touch the beaver skull, bare
life, la nuda vita, zoe, homo
sacer, artiodactyla, movement
technologies, zidane versus
materazzi, the security of
freedom, tombstone every
mile, note two-day gap,
the all-important face, doctor
funnelhead performing brain
surgery, did you mean

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