Tuesday, October 22, 2013


quit being so morbid, masking
tape?, wheatboys, wendigo,
subliminal cow, the special
sleep box, broozuh bandae,
we met the space people,
experimental relationships,
turducken, optokinetic
nystagmus, manuka, sdlfkj,
pieshare, pseudoanorexia,
you don’t wanna get ink on
the stamps, a special
international relationship,
this is no longer a representation
of me, whitefish cluster,
working in the margins of the
margins, raywise, i’m looking
for a woman who is not a
piece of work, you’re getting
stuff all over the page,
self-activation, a cluster
of houses known as toronto,
a creator of experiences,
we will get to the
rubberstamp, hype pie, we
are wandering in strange
ranges, lunacular infarcts,
steedism, half closed eyes,
kundalini sakthi, b and w,

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