Monday, October 07, 2013


gliese, fubt, cpap mask, break
the infinite habit, the slow
process, local meaning in house,
dread real life interaction,
she wants to crush me, one for
her, one for her, anti-ghazal,
the floating world, empty
imprint, figure of voice,
appropriative irony, an enabling
fiction, giving her face,
violence of representation,
evet, dubstep, trance tromer,
re-examining the record,
speaking of fitting, what is
the meaning of the rubber,
thot it hot, sipo sighpo, not
on my wall, dim dim, trying
to be cryptic, unspeakable
marks, fear of posting, the one
is a step back, the data is gone
but, nack sure, only respond
to money, feral cat zone,
what happens when you turn
the damper down, delight
resulting from forgetting,
margin empathy, a penny
in the desert, the silent penny,
naife, wall is vulnerable,
numby-pumby, fractal
day-glo, every stephen,

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