Friday, October 04, 2013

"pierre-yves trémois"

mammalian expression system,
do not x-ray johnson, de nada
demasiado, worldwide convention
of invisible art resources,
this is the action poetry,
affligem, yasujiro ozu, fillum,
servtouch-wywy, abdij, anno
ten-seventy-four, practising
non-detachment, isospin and
flavour, crunk, moss sleeper,
danae, comes easily is hunger,
compassionate conservatism,
courage is the control of
fear, oh boy tostitos, carnet
cluster, super gold cluster,
old engine oil cluster,
splattered with sausage
grease, pierre-yves trémois,
horrors of your empty coal,
see the orange in my eyes,
cold-hearted fucking,
poems, invisible concrete,
golden confusion, copula
metaphors, scapeghosts,
anchorword, the whorship
of beauty, the mean reds,

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