Saturday, October 12, 2013


there’s a lot to be said for colour,
dopesick ma, play some strauss
waltzes, just gimme something
to eat, how to annoy your
neighbors, the hand used to
belong to, simple bordering on,
why do you wanna take up so
much space, enjoy this experiment,
your foreignness needs to be
emphasized, fluxtopia,
sunshine skyway, mister mud,
fluxnexus, internet zen,
rearranging the furniture,
cheesy pourboires, seven
hundred prims, açaí, dudley
finds nothing, anonymous
rubberstamp art, yes i want
the receipt, black six pack,
making a second trip, poem
for margins, hot wire fencing,
parda, the family romance,
presyntactic, postlexical,
chi, chiasmus, antimetabole,
epanalepsis, anadiplosis,
antanaclasis, syllepsis,
just a taste, concrete
cornerstone, dziga,
nullibicity, nullius
fillius, point taken,

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