Tuesday, October 29, 2013


székesfehérvár, some kind of
stencil, vpop, monkeydog, why not
put the art on the good paper,
dotmaster, my first bells,
beeline arizona, social music,
bollix, albula vulpes, gaxfax,
terrortainment, t, sit-trag,
firesheep, events seem to be
ordered into an ominous
logic, simhasana,
salabhasana, verso-available,
ymc b cluster, the marks
have no way of knowing, the
pull of the internet dollar,
netbucks, dimension check,
latte-leftists, the pope squat,
transitional homeless, womyn,
fire this time, twice
mouthed, s, loser-indie
savant, oral cream pie,
a photocopy is an original,
ribayital, making
pronoun cement, box of
history, i don’t understand
what i was saying anymore,
orgasm deteriorations,
tout fait boite en valise,
ohb, bopera, a day later,

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