Thursday, October 03, 2013

"the moneyed macquereau"

soulbots, limited addiction,
artish, zwinky, geek-sand,
face kvetch, black math,
neomogumbo, take back the night:
pack a glock, dtf, pussy
whisperer, harviestoun, olut,
viscous porter, banana seeds,
bocl cluster, haut, picking
things out of the trash to
publish, up up up, haut haut
haut, letterbottom, breves,
radicchio, a white frog,
skull dragging, empty house
covered, jungle buzzards,
scissors bills, smoke wagons,
the moneyed macquereau,
an opera waiting to happen,
go thighs peed, claspe
cluster, red nipples, bp in
ml, fluxtext, to gank is to,

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