Tuesday, October 01, 2013


synthetic marijuana, sativa,
a health canada exemption,
the orange treatment, crystal
mess, kataplexis, breathe knives,
don’t raw dog a random, shing,
exclusively heterosexual
clientele, binman, calibrator
of consciousness, interrompez,
maje kindschuh, hillel, i’ll
wear a mask for you, doc
wages, what’s our story exactly,
special pale, do you approve of
these marks, obcluster,
bakestone bro pret, cccmb,
mento music, any pile of paper,
unmention all, what’s the
deal with the property,
sailor jerry signs, one fist
giveth, i can hear this pen
as it scratches this out,
keep an eye out for signs,
number two: distribute,
finally shook off the
cyberyoke, never use a

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