Saturday, October 05, 2013


furmint, tokaji, horizon wines,
saison dupont, mossing around,
spirulina, modge podge, huan,
condensed lines, the extra fold
is just a little reminder,
staple-less stapler, saison
dupont cluster, a face emerges,
intracrural, fleshbook,
felched with a bendy-straw,
blimpkin, petrus: the key to
heaven, bavikhove, ten minste,
isthmus cluster, levy cluster,
champagne cluster, global
bagpipes, fake collage, you
don’t need to fake me in,
nineteen-thirty-one gar wood,
concrete cushion, cherished it
as an emblem of happiness,
amexica, methicillin-
resistant staphylococcus
aureus, cocytus, the sap-yoke,
inutileis farcinulas,
love hath pitched his
mattress in the place
of excrement, do you
want the copy or the
original, try again,

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