Friday, October 25, 2013


tonspur, nothing more read,
bisect pony, stende, backa beyond,
tokitama, winter in nippon, a
bus called: there, one in five
baby, boucherat, yupana, failed
to hide minifeed story, cap here,
holometer, yoni massage,
ecopoesthetics, open her box,
fist me with your stump,
allochiria, pareidolia, cluster
buster, fotonovelas, peniña, a
reach-around, cianucka, open
the ink, splake, nothing ever
came of it, cmg cluster,
baan thai, akal, saint broad,
the ice hawks, carlton plaza,
the fun house museum,
belleville, shizen, bagel fact,
saint udio jay, one a one n,
tip pricing, branded hotel,
retired red eye, claire,
ejidos, tamara, the supply of
texts, dead winter, interior
police, exscription, neptune
society, the agrarian question,
the english enclosure acts,
khuphhapay’ay, google this
in a couple years,

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