Wednesday, October 23, 2013


the inner beauty industry, a
technical pen, an army of cute,
self-bullying, fell swoosh,
besties, cherts, tuleta, there
must be more to life than
communication, the moss stuck
between the teeth of the
caribou, material desire,
i never think of you anymore,
bom cut cluster, after all the
stamps are gone, is one creating
value, tight withe margins,
wow we forgot all about the
art, poetry activity, the
carnivorous sun, pinawa,
muy fluxus, i’m someone
else, plagrette, my bibi,
letter for sabotaging
postal machines, chông’ûm,
movietelling, hangul,
logographs, konglish,
burwash, film talking,
unsanctioned comments,
schistosoma, box jellyfish,
pacific ninebark, ghb,
opti-grab effect,
moonfire, nothing is
worthless, deth, shrose,

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