Saturday, October 26, 2013

"kao o dashite"

all relationships are long
distance relationships, hashtag,
preemptive rejection, make the
pie higher, crack trance,
meat repulsion, you didn’t
have enuf money, one is
independently poor, fifteen
and change, ho your own row,
todayish, wi, two hundred hours,
liu xiaobo, lotta oldsters,
rusty dinosaur, genuine
seahorse, locust valley was
here, wildly moving lines,
the hairless head, see ray,
nicely gummed, keep a pair
of three-dee glasses handy,
one is lumpy, fishfinger
fishtoe, bufano, hundred
dollar bill land, captain
strangest, jomo sao, has
actually eaten piranha,
supermutant, timbercove,
morel torpor, norfbank,
one is man on the street,
six up, anti-vacancy, i’m
happy i wone first, ryokan,
gaijin, ohaiyo, detta kuru,
kao o dashite,

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