Monday, October 14, 2013


loratadine, smells like honey,
it’s dead to my eye, the scarlet
ibis, where did this dee come
from, christmas oh zen, why
do you put me in quotation
marks, sunshine village,
seriously homemade, badge a
minit, if everybody is an artist
then nobody is an artist, happy
face shame, shock and awe on
potheads, blue chief, nobody
is paying any attention to you,
has tried lsd, self-iconoclasts,
selig, the muse of destruction,
all writing is violent
inscription, numbing chicken,
pynchon’s famous logarithm
joke, the buddha was a
deadbeat dad, coutil, mbc,
the me that is gone, a big
rubberstamp that says:
luggage, surprise search,
mbccgb, long gone self,
detach poem, one panics in
the middle of one’s signature,
go with the folds, the
magic of rubberstamp,
s’parag, somebody will
want to read this, promoloco,

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