Wednesday, October 09, 2013


amongst words, spoorwegen,
amanita cup, it depends how close
you are to the fire, lykke, we
consider this a weed but,
betaald, pho as in to, aw, i ben,
the artistamp makers are making
better stamps than the post office,
selfyeast, everybody’s favourite
urinal, the beach in winter,
some kind of lines, debris
from the cultural
underground, easy a,
combinations and permutations
of folds, hazel archer, bmc,
dream incubation, colitas,
hernagram, bebitos, eight-
circuit brain, the new ten
dollar stamp, purchase a chat,
marine life, cervelat, ccbcl,
if you look close you will
see, explorations for
honoraria for conference,
a poem of theft, communist
anarchism, concrete stresses,
kting voar, abd phd, tule fog,
my rpv sweetheart, wall-
or wallet-sized, morphine
blues, autosculpt,

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