Wednesday, October 30, 2013


the function of the bit, is do
thirteen, the lovee, a vortex or
cluster of fused ideas, cow
birthing powder, you can’t see
this one, keep rubbing your face
in it, cream globe cluster, i
remember this structure, try
reading it as poetry, assume
one or assume zero, dispersal of
texts, uggs, harper’s editor-in-
chief, lot’ , lollipop syndrome,
blastapalooza, dobdob, dikdik,
radioiodine, aubépines, a
buy-and-sell item, teacup
cocktails, artistic lit, ecoburbia,
overconsumption, trans-linear
history, northern pikes, switch
oranges, the two year lag, yer
logo, gar sixty-one,
interesting blot or not, the
reality buried, carobar,
canon versus xerox, what do
you got against art, colour
lossages, the face looks just
as good in black and white,
a rubberstamp that says:
fight for peace, bulleting,
crack corner, you can’t see
every detail on the copy but,

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