Monday, October 28, 2013


svfo two, flyeraire, who fisted
you, on paper white indeed, xtopo,
making everyone welcome,
haledon, one bell short, every day
the bucket goes to the well,
network fee, you only made
two calls all month, tell lust,
echopulcho costume heavy,
keylogging, untouchable face,
eternal fire, iznik, eternal
life thru data storage,
longlife, lightmeat, twangpo,
educational rip-offs, the wide
side, no twang, undetectable
gum, lockboxes, carribeaner,
compliance technique,
dakshina, dalit, convention
for a happy ending, puja,
concrete field, afrofarian,
cyber-voudou, shelf one
deshelf one, x signifies,
femme de la creme, youtube
it, she just moved, she
might be back there, at all
events one is not present,
she in quotation marks was
a fake, i might want to
drop in on you, fake girl,
feeding me girls, go, love,

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