Thursday, October 10, 2013


please don’t keep the original,
organ gazing, treize, gouramies,
veruca, red sludge flood, no
message no signature, graphene,
hola como estas, data art,
friend rental services, bong-
gargling, a rubberstamp that
says irony, mcc, see the little
pencil mark, suitable for
redistribution, marginal art,
ink in the gum, date-wise, there’s
going to be some overspill,
right thru the face, blasmaschinen,
domenica, alto belli, i thot this
tampon might be yours, a
specific cluster of associations,
clandestine order, the word
phallogocentric, shih tzu,
the poetics of symbolism, a
poetics of indeterminacy,
conversation between lovers,
the essence of poetry, rototag,
amenophes, surfcasting,
microbolus, megaron, slotbacks,
innocence you noob, my
california, apocalips,

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