Friday, January 16, 2015


webnesday, milking the network,
blue moon beer cap, the law
of lek, raki, atm sex, the
buggering doubts of the brain,
sahasrara, minneola tangelo,
put me in the system, ocbb
cluster, stain spired, calder
nga, utopia local post, la
grande cloche du kremlin,
appartient désormais,
farmageddon, kilims, eyes
and high cheekbones, ta
bande d’enculés, chaebol,
foutre rien, the brandished
lure, sporting lint, a texas
catheter, stemming,
analysis-paralysis, no more
this than that, nieve,
wynford cluster, vileplum,
charzard, landsend dot
com, strange feces,

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