Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"kundun rempoche"

optokinetic nystagmus, frontal
eye fields, superior corticulus,
petrissage, honesty cause-and-
effect, commission email hack,
ziplc, ycgks cluster, monomath,
incomplete resolution, the
cherokee rose, minted prattle,
lalla essaydi, jezebel charms,
gips-alpin, now is the time to
unblank it, phlox is an egghead,
when is a key not a key, serve
your heart up on a silver
platter, the disappearance of
the universe, cardboard mouse,
mariko locke, mouks, stored
at your expense, creating
charm, this vehicle, icona,
the mniddle rejrekson,
mucus weight, marcel
duchampignon, brutal doob,
todd zadnik, the sap of
lucifer, kundun rempoche,
dowdell’s knob, skid check,
night of the rabbit,
shame and cupcakes, macon,
détrompe-toi, the godhead,
untrodden russet, bream,
lti, evasive driving
techniques, the fisc,

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