Sunday, January 18, 2015


nargisi kofta, to inbox someone,
mingers, callipyge, i am the one
who loves changing from nothing
to one, down to four hundred,
down to zero, dutch crunch cheese,
lobe and mail, read them as emms,
paint by heart, mouvance, the
amused eye, ephebophile,
bentonite clay, pollution glue,
japanese jasmine, homely art,
pounding the pavement into
smithereens, big pharmageddon,
lol swastika, shop around for
copying, getting ready to let go,
tits hanging, ignoring the versos,
cast porn, gar eighty-four, a
copy machine that can do
dayglo, pussy face goo, still an
ell, please do not fold fold,
always room for a little poem,
renate carelse, pubber, let
the key go, pre-art, oh you’re
an egghead too, gips-alpin,
vågsbygdveien, when you have
bawa, i could erase you,
arowell, ministry of zaum,
heinz lotz, build it out of
blocks, produkt der werkstatt,
new paradigm, how mark,

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