Saturday, January 17, 2015


pharmageddon, underground
banks, salirophilia, omorashi,
urolagnia, wetty gurl,
thoughts online, give me your
password, darner, cecropia,
lacewing, in hoc signo vinces,
when she was shaved,
psicotrex, it goes on the shelf,
put medicine in them glasses,
the computer invisible force,
mayan glyphs, whitman gold
cough drop, proper operating
procedures, alberta ab, buck
nelson, snacky’s shack, mentholatum,
ufo fad, macon ga, quoits, vig,
stuccoed à la vénitienne, a
tattoo that says: act in haste
repent at leisure, telephobia,
are you seeing it, printex
cluster, the nechako to become
a trickle, webshit,

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