Friday, January 02, 2015


value-creation society, lucy
lippard’s informal theory of
simultaneity, flat structure,
the maurya, diwani handi, gentil
hugel, gewurzt, sw cluster,
brownze, pap, rehearsing to
become a child, monterosa,
lelo elise, orange blank,
canadian blood, skip a day,
the event got bumped, open
words, lifewheel, next there’s,
gerry thomas art, wskeo,
premuse, is will work still
valid, waynestock, a freehand
endeavor, we should know each
other, hit the snare button,
inductance, namesitter, in guat,
wskeo eighty-five, i-robot,
theo’s cat, tonne night, red
dick, gary geddes, wms, let’s
swap what, hillhurst, art
lifespan, jandek, your’ , jupe,
the tet, how is life going
for you, what’s your numb,
the you you were in,

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