Friday, January 09, 2015

"marin-amat syndrome"

systematic desensitization,
cognitive restructuring,
autogestion, irminsul, anole,
groupware, social procedure,
lindsay mexicana nutcracker,
fairfield, operation costs, soup
highlighted, redundant
grocery list, separation point,
mount esja, this is my city,
an arbitrary pixel, the
hypnotizing machine, doesn’t
clean down there, asemic
dress, pia-mater, scleredema
adultorum, serodermatotic,
tabescent, chachetic, brag’s
disease, steatocryptotic,
marin-amat syndrome,
pityriasis rosea, subhadronics,
anoulipisms, synthoulipisms,
boolean theatre, holopoems,
rozzers, precooked language,
frontiers of a dialect,
anthumous, holorhymes,
isopangrams, peccavi, how one
ought to be spending one’s,
from hat to gar to,
detroit is midwest, high
red center crystals,

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