Tuesday, January 06, 2015


life is one continuous mistake!,
to succeed wrong with wrong,
not curious enough to click,
nebula of a thousand rubies,
hormuz, scientific electricity
foundation, louis ling’s address,
kp, history-changing error,
sparticle, electric chair at
home, allure d’objects, the
eefer, palingenetic, hollerin’,
hamboning, katajjaq, moody
electric moss, more stucco
than concrete, scire licit non
esse in rebus res ita mixtas,
phoolan devi, process topsides,
oubapo, total liberty, the
haptic werewolf, coruba, it’s
meant to be a single piece,
esselte, pedestrian speech act,
azo cramer, velox, the
mainstream considers marginal,
gop tax, thomas kerr, a ray
of hope, the mad hatter’s
teaparty, occupy bones, did
you occupy, grandad?, bee
buzzzz bee, the ritual of
the squill, wordkin
construction, puzzlin’,

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