Monday, January 19, 2015


impossible objects, poincaré projection,
no pants romance, rectified
readymade, vancomycin, i want
to spend a penny, brodificoum,
pansemic, phatic expression,
grooming talking, aizuchi,
hydnora africana, deconstructing
communication, altx, a strange
hand, the fold signify, le sien
d’helene, montata, cheese and beer,
title tweeze by sarah joy,
rupert loydell, i amp, looking for
the curious new work, seven
complete sets for redistribution,
industrial post office, please
divulge the works, occupy
fluxus, centenario cavellini,
twenty-fourteen, moreno stamps,
douglas galloway, sabadell,
puts spain on top of the world,
divulge it please, this is not
art, plastic techniques,
rushing the envelope, spot the
diff, david be rude, decay prod,
thenty, calle de la bòbila,
sole meunière, homeless
calgarians to explore, loupe,
muscimole, profiterolles,

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