Friday, January 23, 2015


occupy fluxus, melaleuca
alternifolia, close-cropped harmony
and electric, the word strike action
committee, salvia apiana,
moxibustion, porno holocaust,
epidermodysplasia verruciformis,
frog lake massacre, unstable
media, the insomnia collective,
all the world’s a bed, how to
clean everything, seeking behavior,
experimental nations, skrillex,
a game of thrones, rockyview,
assemble it before hand,
sonnenblumen-kernbrot, pukka
joint massif, audio mail art,
gainsbourg, megaball, nancynance,
reverse despair, pluto’s gravity,
the mississippi epitome, contact
point, autobiographical shut up,
litware, alamo-usa, algol
poetry, isopangrams, ameisen,
the wet solution, emily holmes
coleman, allow!, poetry groupies,
mount penzack, hairway,
crack weather,

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