Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"six feet of rotten haddock"

the whether or not forecast, you
make a good paperboy, marabou
tree, sopa, wskeo, ethyl mercaptan,
please share your thoughts
online, wheel spins six times,
butter clusters, office depot in
spain, david be rude, destroy me
some mailart, indifferent to art,
victor dada industries, the blend
with no end of uses, providence,
tenuate dospan, high-energy
competitive poetry, ending
homelessness and creating, from
island to island, ackerstrukturen,
felonious monk, koofuh, mike
koga, pyracantha, gabehs,
suzani, bouts rimés, six feet
of rotten haddock, a false-color
map, scabious, eyebright,
sheep’s bit, sassenage, indian
millet cakes, papernight,
horrorpo, sam gilbert, yeungling,
impossible texts, coke wagon,

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