Thursday, January 29, 2015

"siphusauctum gregarium"

yawara, desiring machines, lux
in tenebris, ascetic sensualist,
fontella, black cohosh, blue cohosh,
siphusauctum gregarium, heian,
ax store, repetition depot,
hardridge, black branches against
the white sky, infinite date, tnt
hummingbird, window for you to
use, obersalzburg eagle’s nest,
columbus vortex, is that your
ferrari, berchtesgaden, chris
evert lloyd, famous singer,
blankalope, léaud as doinel,
negram, monostat, parapectolin,
glycine, careful from habit
and experience, auditoria
clustered, becoming concrete,
interpellation poetics, not had
but has, ruined orgasms,
autoptic, drugs and going
missing, bedroom olympics,
acker pussy,

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