Monday, January 26, 2015


biosteel, cryptosporidiosis, kyuri
asa-zuke, melaleuca, ceratitis
capitata, the suicide hole,
oryzias latipes, negative grocery,
attainable love, syocb cluster,
van vroeger, kodak instamatic,
beautiful young woman with
bugs on her, babble time, what’s
your critter, the moment it
arrived, hammer the sun, this is
not serious, judith hoffberg,
this is a photocopy, glas, a job
versus a career, merksplas,
tamper evident, eighty dollars a
month, optik, create a brighter
future, maya deren, all roads
gather no moss, elementary
morality, programmed poems,
harmonise with each chord,
rime asiate, chinese whispers,
translation chain, ada, a text
free of landmarks, neurofluxus,
mips, death climax, empire ball
roca, hate olympics,

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