Sunday, January 04, 2015


the age of asparagus, monkey
water, solah topi, tramadol,
poppermost, gunbus, bokononism,
dmz, rubber sheet porn, ice-worm,
lobstick, mesenchytraeus, wear
the gold hat, orange endpapers,
livingry, the umighty states
of america, cb cluster, fsc,
unifon, apantomancy, fluothane,
ebene, cylert, fitviavi, ergine,
magomosha, explodity, social
sculpture, let the autocorrect
have it’s way, walking back
thru the hat, geaux juice,
frankfurt on bullshit, kandy-
kolored  tangerine-flake
streamline baby, disturber
of the peat moss, love and fame
in new york, remick the
weekend novelist, ridley
downwinders, seven into even,
wallace and marks telling
it slant, the spectrum of
social time, the aesthetics
of orgasm, shigeko kubota,
scandalous bodies, sinfield
faultlines, perverse cities,
yummy fur,

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