Saturday, January 03, 2015


ground loop, mishawaka,
poly-drug user, thirteen
tzameti, propranolol,
maudlinmorose, hvh sixteen-
thirty-nine, softly face,
skmbtg cluster, riquewihr,
documentary poetry, neue texte,
engaging as any humanist
confession, time-told, pennames,
sciurus carolinensis, eumelanin,
pheomelanin, showrooming,
expanding community hungry,
concerns of the human
experience, reuse marks, getting
to know your fonts, drop it
down a point size, the ball
is in my court, one is creating,
eliade the myth of the
eternal return, siting the
other, iskwewak, velocities
of zero, this place called
absence, obliscence, big bank
take little bank, q technique,
new forms of ugly, archives
of criminal psychodynamics,
the politics of everyday fear,
manabozho, textual practice,
interfaces of the world,
tristes tropiques, geaux,

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