Wednesday, January 07, 2015

"viridis candela"

hyperlipidemia, perdrix,
tanagra, viridis candela,
subsidia pataphysica, phonetic
palindrome, jasmine cluster,
lampm, marc moskowitz, oral,
exchange cluster, switching heads,
zinnabar, wasn’t that a
saturday, mourning after
pill, cereality, kashi strub,
everybody sign, honeycrisp,
sunnyside market, turkey
sausages, blank colour, iceborg,
ataxia mombin, the evolution
of the i, new pavement, a
memorable envelope, puzzlin’
mistake, lol lol,
imponderabilia, shalt is not
in the spell checker, zyprexa,
can humans and animals
crossbreed, zadnik university,
forever upside-down, mike
koguh, the black house, sex
magick, lunatic sex madjick,
forever crazy, driving and
photographing, handmade
bacon, queso manchego, ray
johnson taxali, on the beach,
fujicolor crystal archive,

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