Sunday, January 11, 2015


xenotransplantation, gelukkig,
criminal woman, only a child,
pulcinella, pex, ferrarelle,
sperlari, ambrosia apple,
mojo candy, xanthodantic,
pyorrheic, peronic, acervulus,
diaphoretic, kyphotic, lordotic,
crosiers, oupeinpo, oumathpo,
poyla’s constraint, queneau’s
numbers, some secrets you don’t
give away, acronymic poetry,
telestich, beautiful outlaw,
language games, oulipopo,
ouxpo, a living novel, the
mathematical theory of
labyrinths, book maggot, oh
man omen, the sense of the
world, crosses dot net, the
phrase flies, piano staple,
high dead center,

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