Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"seŭthefix d-reizen"

coke fungicide, the complementary
currency movement, cangiante,
unione, art project: leaving the
network, vicki brandt, cocl cluster,
captation of pleasure, tradecraft,
dead drops, having eyeliner-
colored, lup lup, pounding gussy,
ujino wax, highrise housing
clustered to the east, logism,
boubou, saftening, nargisi mark,
auf der insel, über die kunst,
wesentliche, saint che,
maopanda, rubberstamps tonerwork
asemic, nice paper and how the
paint flows in it, paper did
somebody say paper, seŭthefix
d-reizen, künstlerprofi, itze
hoe = stør dada, frieslaender,
robot pingpong, anti-entropy
device, si ces gone, bauwagen,

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