Saturday, January 24, 2015

"tempus fuggit"

fluxus nomad scarf, will work for
likes, doing less, today was self,
arqc tvr, barleywine, mgb cluster,
chimie carnet, how was your
experience, a little yeller, ccm
cluster, spanish wax, rfp, behind
fuming moss, a concrete outskirt,
mencia, vocal fry, glottalization,
cyanotype, sweetbreads,
megaloceros, sonnetburger,
homosyntaxism, â, fixed width
font, horseshoe bike, the money
angle, occupy crack, equus
caballus, glassine envelope,
leve, if you must, ought to have
let it bleed, note lack of folds,
copy every mark, copy every scribble,
dada warriors, cairo montenotte,
february thirty-first, changing
it to black and white made it
a fairly different piece,
gar eighty-five, reverse
depression, ell, ell, one for the
ki, glue ripples, trance face,
genuine crayon, zen crayola,
dada shield, colour burial,
tempus fuggit, is there a
pattern to these dots, scanner
printer signature,

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